B612 on Top 50 Million Downloads Worldwide 2015

TOKYO, June 8, 2015 — LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, announced today that its selfie camera app B612, available for free on both iPhone and Android platforms, has topped 50 million downloads worldwide.

Camera b612 is a dedicated selfie camera app which allows users to customize their photos with a wide variety of filters and effects. With selfie optimized features such as the app automatically switching to the user’s front-facing camera upon launching, the ability to switch filters simply by sliding a finger across the screen, six second video capture, and collage functionality receiving universal acclaim from users, B612 has experienced explosive growth, topping 20 million downloads worldwide on February 6, 2015.


Since then, with the app’s continual addition of more filters and expanded collage features, B612 app has broadened its user base from East Asia to Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia in Asia, as well as Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, and Argentina in Latin America. With this worldwide popularity, B612 has reached over 50 million downloads worldwide as of May 23, 2015.

Additionally, the app boasts 30 million monthly active users worldwide (60% of total worldwide downloads), cementing its role as an app used regularly in users’ lives. Along with the app’s imminent Windows Phone release, features sought out by users worldwide are being continually added.

B612 will continue to grow in the future and provide users a fun way to communicate using selfies, enriching their smartphone experiences.

Download Camera B612

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About B612 camera

B612 is the perfect app for selfie anytime, anywhere. Designed as the ultimate selfie app, B612 is full of new features and fun that you will not find in other apps.


The advantage of this app is free. Free free effective framework and its application is also free. Available in lots of different frames and effects for users to choose, help you conveniently choose what is most appropriate for your image. Plus much more, a seamless experience bringing download camera B612 should also be mentioned. It worked well, eat a little ability despite some heavy application runs invisibly in the background.

Application installation process occurs quickly enough. The main interface of the B612 apk  includes 4 options: classic, frames, libraries, and the ads in other applications of the brand. In the upper right corner of the main screen is a setting item. This item can not show more information in addition to information about the version of the application. Users can choose one of two main box on the main interface to edit images. When they click on, there will be demand for the selected image from your library or take a new photo.

You can try to play: http://b612app.net/

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Download Camera B612 for Android

B612 for Android is a great application to edit photos or shooting. For your image of change to become more attractive to the image. Download camera B612 an initiative originating from image mode and it is stronger and more interesting with the addition of a new frame mode android b612 gives experienced users.

B612 inherited the best from Camera 360, but now you can launch your paper at the resolution of 960 x 960! B612 application library will always be updated.
The installation occurs fast enough application.
Interface of the B612 apk includes 4 options: classical, frameworks, libraries, and advertising.
At the top right of the screen is an installation directory. This item can not show more information in addition to information about the version of the application. Users can choose one of two main box on the main interface to edit images. When they click on, there will be demand for the selected image from your library or take a new photo.

Download : Camera b612

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B612 application for hot boy hot girl

Take a selfie with B612

B612 application for hot boy hot girl

B612 camera is a photography application self-indulgence is currently a lot of young love on the net community and is used on the popular social networking site known as FB, Intagram, Twiter, Zing me, … with only one major feature is the photo shoot Selfie but this application was on the Eastern island of many supporters demonstrated for this number is installed has reached the milestone of 50 million people on the app store, the App also Play CH also received a number of honours and awards has a special “Best of the Best” Red Dot’s 2015!

B612 self-indulgence Photography Hot applications for the winter of 2015

Talking about the origin then here is a child of the company LINE and is also the place to be born of a series of other mob families such as Social application Line, Sticker, …

In the features section of the application Selfie photography: B612 app is also more extreme lot of features serve as self-indulgence work more the effect on the picture there are many effects that you can not do that may count the most.

In addition, you also can pair picture frames, or capture the image at very much the same, and then grafted into the baby pictures at the 1, when photographed at the corner of the photo you can also assign the logo of B612 on looks very beautifully, in the library also has a variety of different stickers you don’t get boring.

In addition to Imaging, photo editing and Photo mosaics, this application also allows us to record a short Video Games less than a minute and the cage with a piece of music and have even more color effects.

Link download: http://b612app.net/

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Take a selfie with B612

How to use B612 Camera

Take a selfie with B612


While looking for a perfect edge to “show off” your true self ….
When you have a minute and a smartphone in hand ….
When you are in a strange land, and you want ” check-in “right away ….
When you go out with your friends and suddenly want to create a standalone photo ….
When your relatives to visit you for the first time and you want to burn the sweet moments that …
When your daughter suddenly delighted with a face like an angel and you want to keep that smile forever ….
This is when you need to B612 camera – applications photographic “take a selfie” extremely attractive.
B612 allows users to take pictures, “take a selfie” anywhere, anytime. Designed with a specific function, is completely different compared to the other image processing, user B612 brings freshness, youthfulness of young people; modern, professional photography app most innovative and relentless creativity of the leading designers in the world.

Download b612http://b612app.net/

How to use B612 Camera

Main features of B612

Main features of B612

Naver Japan, the company developed popular messaging app Line of Japan has just released another iOS app too for those who prefer to take a selfie photography (Self pictures for themselves).

The application captures photo B612 has the following main features:
There are 43 filter (filter): You can apply 43 filters to your photos.

  •  These filters are designed to be reminiscent of the period of the little prince watched the sun set 43 times a day.
  • There are random filter: Sometimes you feel confused about how to choose the filters accordingly with it? Then click the filter button selected randomly by the application!
    Blurring some Line: Both lighting and facial expressions play an important role. Please make your photos stand out and more unique by blurring some of the lines are not necessary.
  • Turn the lens photography: Let’s just focus to the important parts of your photo becomes true than ever!
  • Take a picture in silent mode: Shh! Be photographed in silent mode so as not to wake anyone who was good night!
  • Inn collage: Let people see your photo collection by combining the smile in many photos on the same photos.
  • Having shared features: Please post pictures and share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram (Only the installed applications will appear in the list share)

Curiously is no option to help you share photos directly on the Line. However, you can save photos to your photo library and review the photos in messaging application that.
This app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 7.0 or than. You can download a free photography apps on the App Store B612 right now.

So  b612 camera applications have been added to the collection of photography apps for iOS’s take a selfie Line includes: Line Camera – Selfie & Collage and Line Selfie Sticker.

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How to use B612 Camera

B612 the most model selfie

How to use B612 Camera

B612 Selfie app is designed to take amazing portrait photos. Here it means the app is going to use your front camera to take the photo. It does not work with the back camera.

camera b612
B612 Camera
  1. The app brings out 43 different filters which are only designed to take selfie. That means you can take your portrait images in various modes through the same. The app works very well and has as very simple filter to go for.
  2. You have choice to select from 43 different filters and you can just choose which makes your photo look gorgeous and save it. There are various filters that you can apply on the basis of your mood.
  3. To see a preview you just have to tap on the filter and that will be applied on the screen but it will not save the photo. It will save only when you tap the save button. Before that you can just choose different filters and see preview.
  4. So here you can see how amazing Line B612 Selfie app is. The soft focus feature of this app is really amazing. It gives you the output that you are looking for in a very impressive way. It captures images very fast and accurate. You get amazing pictures which are detailed and clear. You can make your dull images good by applying different filters on the same.


  • Install Line B612 camera Selfie app in your android Smartphone.
  • The next thing you have to do is tap on the screen to take photos. You will hear the click sound.
  • The app works with the front facing camera and there is very less settings.
  • Once you take photos it will save them automatically when you select one. For example you had captured around 4 photos. It will save only one that you want and others will be removed.
  • In this app. the shutter sound is not available that does not draws anyone attention when you are taking photos.

Use more: http://b612app.net/

B612 the most model selfie