Following selfie B612 capture application for Windows Phone users

Applications photography selfie ‘one-touch’ Line B612 is now available on most mobile operating system popular.

When launched for the first time on the operating system iOS and Android, the app take photo selfie B612 developed by Line Corporation has over 50 million downloads and became famous worldwide.

This application was ranked first in the categories of photography apps Google play in 16 countries and topped the list of applications and video images of the App Store in 31 countries.


With the B612 camera, users love photography selfie offered mass imaging features photography, video and 18 styles and 78 jigsaws handy visual effects can be easily customized. To take a picture or record a video with the front camera, users simply need to do the touch screen.

Currently, the app is not just for selfie B612 users iPhone or Android phone anymore, but has expanded to include Windows Phone platform. Specialist photography applications “take a selfie” on Windows Phone Basic B612 also supports multiple languages and functions similar to the version released for Android and iOS users.

Link download free:

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Author: b612camera

B612 is known as a capture application designed specifically for self-portrait pictures and lets you apply dozens of filters to your photos before sharing them"

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