Download Camera B612 for Android

B612 for Android is a great application to edit photos or shooting. For your image of change to become more attractive to the image. Download camera B612 an initiative originating from image mode and it is stronger and more interesting with the addition of a new frame mode android b612 gives experienced users.

B612 inherited the best from Camera 360, but now you can launch your paper at the resolution of 960 x 960! B612 application library will always be updated.
The installation occurs fast enough application.
Interface of the B612 apk includes 4 options: classical, frameworks, libraries, and advertising.
At the top right of the screen is an installation directory. This item can not show more information in addition to information about the version of the application. Users can choose one of two main box on the main interface to edit images. When they click on, there will be demand for the selected image from your library or take a new photo.

Download : Camera b612

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Author: b612camera

B612 is known as a capture application designed specifically for self-portrait pictures and lets you apply dozens of filters to your photos before sharing them"

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