B612 the most model selfie

B612 convergence following features make a colorful B612, attractive

+ Support for the following cameras: Swipe the screen from top to bottom to open up boundless new world you’ve ever seen.
+ Video capture selfie: Save memorable moments.
+ 92 filters: Up to 92 different filters for you to use.
+ Random Filters: Simply touch any button, to find the right filter your search is eyestrain.
+ Decorative motifs: You can use decoration to add vivid images.
+ Blur effect: Touch slightly blurred contours to the natural beauty more prominent part.

+ Collage: Make transplant what you want to get a satisfactory work.
+ Feature-timer: 2 sec, 5 sec …
+ Canes selfie photography: beauty still shines though telephoto. Bluetooth remote installation and enjoy more photography experience complete freedom.
+ Share: Facebook and share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is easy.
B612 Camera gives you so much joy and new life for your life more colorful.

Link dowload here: http://b612app.net/


Author: b612camera

B612 is known as a capture application designed specifically for self-portrait pictures and lets you apply dozens of filters to your photos before sharing them"

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